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industrial Electrical car charging

INSYS Powerline GP

Smart Charging With HomePlug Green PHY

  • The ISO and the IEC are working on an international standard for intelligent charging besides charging as per IEC 61851-1: Smart Charging as per ISO 15118. This allows for example an active charge control, demand response management, payment processing as well as other services. With Smart Charging, the charging station (EVSE) communicates with the electric vehicle (PEV) via the charging cable. Charging station (EVSE) and electric vehicle (PEV) communicate using the powerline standard HomePlug Green PHYTM as per ISO 15118. The requirements for this are described in ISO 15118-3. The Powerline GP provides the communication connection between the EVSE controller (as per ISO 15118) and the electric vehicle (PEV). The data stream will be modulated to the pilot line of the charging cable as per ISO 15118-3. The Powerline GP is easily connected to the EVSEcontroller via Ethernet cable

    + Communication via powerline standard HomePlug Green PHYTM
    + Coupling of the powerline Green PHYTM signal to the pilot line
    + Version with SLAC protocol as per ISO 15118-3 available
    + Coupling of the powerline signal to the powerline (on request)
    + Extended temperature range
    + Designed for DIN rail mounting
    + Enclosures for Outdoors and Ex rated environment available

    Uses of product:

    Communication between electric vehicle (PEV) and charging station (EVSE) as per ISO 15118 via powerline standard HomePlug Green PHY

    Use case example

    Industrial electrical car charging designIndustrial electrical car charging design 2