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An innovator in providing software and hardware solutions for Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Operations, BlueBytes Medical offers a new portfolio of advanced products and solutions, delivering seamless and reliable medical-grade in-ambulance visualization, routing and integration technologies that saves crucial “golden time” to save a patient’s life.
Our mission is to enable our customers to improve efficiency in EMS and Rescue operations, improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs.

industrial automation - Networking products

MRO-L210: Industrial LTE Router

compact Router for cellular (LTE) M2M and IoT applications

    + 2x antenna connections (MIMO)
    + 5-port switch 10/100BT
    + 1x serial RS232/V.24/V.28
    + 2 digital inputs
    + 1 digital output
    + Heavy-duty enclosures for outdoor and Ex-rated available

    Uses of product:

    The professional router MRO-L200 is the compact power pack for your cellular (LTE) M2M and IoT applications. Besides its 5-port switch, an RS232 interface as well as digital inputs and outputs are available. With the integrated SmartBox, a Linux environment based on LXC technology, the router provides an operating system-independent platform, for example for local storage and processing of data or executing further programs and scripts (edge computing).

    Application Example

    Industrial LTE router use case

MRX Series Modular Industrial LTE IoT Routers

Flexible. Powerful. Future-proof

  • + MRX3/5 4G LTE Technology
    + Ethernet module with 5 LAN ports
    + Fully Moduler - LTE module with integrated power supply
    + 2 digital inputs (1x PLC-capable)
    + Heavy-duty enclosures for outdoor and Ex-rated available
    + Fully Flexible- 1 or 3 free slots for MRcards
    + Parallel operation of several apps on one router
    + Completely independent of router firmware and configuration
    + Own IP and MAC address per Linux Container
    + Direct communication between the containers (e.g. via APIs)
    + Encryption possible (e.g. know-how protection)

    Product description

    The MRX series provides you with latest technology, high computing power and flexibility in all respects. The fully-modular concept allows you to react to new requirements at any time. You'll benefit from an optimum cost/performance ratio and long service life. What ever the future might hold. You'll always be on the safe side with the MRXcards. Extend your MRX with selected modules or simply replace them if required. You'll have the state of the art at your fingertips - all whilst maintaining cost-effectiveness. Needless to say that further MRXcards can also be developed individually upon customer request and make your MRX one of a kind. The MRX series is currently available in the two basic variants LAN and LTE as well as two housing widths with three or five slots.

    Integrated computing power for your MRXWe’ll provide you with integrated computing power based on LXC (Linux Containers) with the icom SmartBox. The icom SmartBox comes with firmware version "icom OS 2.0" automatically and enables you to program and execute apps on your MRX. You’ll find all features of the icom SmartBox

    Use case example

    Industrial LTE IOT routers use case


3G Fault Monitor Modbus TCP/RTU and Siemens PLCs

  • +3G fault monitor with VPN functionality
    + Monitoring of I/Os and Siemens LOGO! and Modbus TCP/RTU devices
    + Alarming via SMS and e-mail
    + Visualising monitored values and registers
    + 1 LAN interface, 2 serial interfaces (RS232/RS485)
    + 2 x 2 digital inputs and outputs
    + Heavy-duty enclosures for outdoor and Ex-rated available
    + Open for own applications (Linux sandbox)
    + Quick start for our Connectivity Service
    + Optional monitoring package for Siemens S7

    Product description

    Monitored status values can trigger actions using flexible, logic combinations of freely selectable elements. Examples for this are starting/stopping the control, switching outputs or automated dispatching of pre-defined SMSs or e-mails with current status values. The integrated web server serves for confi guration and displaying the status of selected values and registers - also via remote access. IMON-U310 are ready for secure and easy VPN connections using our Connectivity Service that allows free access to the web interface and local devices in all networks. The embedded Linux system is available for the user in a safe sandbox environment with 150 MB permanent file system for own applications, like data recording and evaluation, protocol conversion and simple control tasks.

    Use case example

    Industrial networking - VPN use case