Innovation in Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Operations

An innovator in providing software and hardware solutions for Emergency Medical Services and Rescue Operations, BlueBytes Medical offers a new portfolio of advanced products and solutions, delivering seamless and reliable medical-grade in-ambulance visualization, routing and integration technologies that saves crucial “golden time” to save a patient’s life.
Our mission is to enable our customers to improve efficiency in EMS and Rescue operations, improve patient outcomes, increase patient satisfaction, and lower healthcare costs.

Industrial automation - Modules for your Design & Intergration

ADCM- 2650

VGA Camera Module With Lens and Processor

  • Our Guarantee: 
    1) Great Image Quality 
    2) Supply Available for the Duration of Your Product Life 
    3) We Match/Beat Any Competitor Quotation

    Our Camera Modules address a broad spectrum of products ranging from security cameras to mobile handsets, webcams, toys, medical and products for customized application.

    Our complete Camera Module feature sophisticated Image Signal Processing, which enhance the performance of our image sensors. The integrated ISP analyses the scene and automatically optimizes the exposure, color balance, contrast, gamma as well as other subtle imaging parameters such as sharpness and noise filtering in a similar fashion to point and shoot consumer digital cameras.

    This ease of use coupled with excellent image quality and competitive pricing makes Connectivity Solutions Plus the ideal choice for your Camera Module and Image Sensor needs

    Uses of the product:

    • Mobile phones
    • Video phones
    • Personal Digital Assistants
    • Image-enabled appliances
    • Digital still mini cameras
    • Embedded automotive
    • Monitoring equipment

USG Imager USG-2650

Transmiting Images and Motion Signal from Buildings and Tunnels

  • A miniaturized board that includes a ADCM-2650 Camera Module, Motion Sensor and a Zigbee Transmitter and Receiver System. The System is designed to support monitoring of locations and personnel detection in buildings, sewers and tunnels, etc). 

    It consists of one or more sensor nodes and at least one gateway node, which form an ad-hoc, short-haul wireless network. The system components are battery powered and designed to be small, unobtrusive and light weight.

    The gateway node serves as the system controller. There are two types of sensor nodes: Intrusion Nodes and Imaging Nodes. Intrusion Nodes provide an alert upon detection of human motion within the sensor field of view, whereas imaging nodes are capable of capturing and transmitting
    imagery of detected events, allowing for remote classification of intruders.

    Uses of the product:

    + Rescue Operations
    + Detecting Motion and Images in Tunnels, Buildings
    + Building Automation

Modules for integration into your application

Cellular radio, Camera Modules, Zigbee Image Transmission

  • Ready-to-use integration modules from 1 piece already or customer-specific development of prototypes up to series production incl. free wiring diagram and layout review. Our integration modules provide you with a quick and easy option to integrate a professional data transmission component into your application. Focus on your core competence, conserve your development budget and shorten your time-to-market for the complete solution significantly. Our modules are available ready-to-use for all common transmission technologies and in different variants - and starting from one piece already.