AutoLog® ControlMan Cloud SCADA Software

AutoLog® ControlMan Cloud SCADA for GSM-RTUs

AutoLog® ControlMan™Cloud SCADA is a flag ship product. Together with AutoLog GSM-RTUs you can realize the easiest and most cost effective way to monitor your assets via GSM and Internet networks.

Key features

- Cloud SCADA service for AutoLog GSM-RTUs
- Uses GSM and Internet networks for communication and data sharing
- Modern SCADA features: trends, alarms, maps, reports, graphics, etc.
- Can be used with normal web browser, anywhere via secure https protocol
- ControlMan cloud servers are maintained by professional Internet hosting company (24/7/365)
- AutoLog ControlMan software is designed by FF-Automation

- Alternatively, ControlMan servers can also be maintained by the customer.


- Low cost and care free solution for remote monitoring and control.
- Customer doesn't need own server PC or maintenance personnel.
- Customers can login to the service from anywhere and anytime.
- Doesn't need any client software installations.
- Can be used with normal web brower.
- Allows numerous simultaneous users.
- Uses the existing and global communication networks.
- Scalable, flexible and always up to date system.
- The system is completely remotely maintainable.
- Easy and fast application development
- Adding new RTUs is very easy and can be done on-line with "copy-paste" technique.
- Modern SCADA features: trends, alarms, maps, reports, graphics, etc.
- SQL measurement and configuration database
- Very long life span system.
- Independent and secure system.